Thursday, March 30, 2006

Tom Delay Indicted For Being a Christian...

at least according to Rick Scarborough. At a conference he organized called "The War on Christians and The Values Voters 2006" Scarborough said that " the most damaging thing that Tom DeLay has done in his life is take his faith seriously into public office, which made him a target for all those who despise the cause of Christ," never mind the money laundering or the violations of campaign finance law, it's really about poor Tom the new poster child for persecuted Christians in America, this in a country where 85% of the population self-identify as Christians.
But wait it gets better. Former presidential candidate Gary Bauer posits that the "War on Christians" helps to motivate Al Quiada "They believe they can win, because they believe you and I are decadent; they think our civilization is fat and lazy," he said. "I believe they're wrong, but I understand why they're confused."

Who is behind this so called war? The "liberal elites" of course, who, according to Bauer, think America is "a country of unbridled liberty, different strokes for different folks." I think throwing around the word elites as some sort of perjorative is, at the very least, misleading. Now I don't know about you, but to me conference participants like Tom DeLay (R-Tex.) and Sens. John Cornyn (R-Tex.) and Sam Brownback (R-Kan.) as well as conservative Christian leaders Phyllis Schlafly, Rod Parsley, Gary Bauer, Janet Parshall and Alan Keyes, along with James Dobson(Focus on the Family), Jerry Falwell, Pat (the assassin) Robertson, and Donald Wildmon(American Family Association)
can be labeled the "conservative Christian elite" who are engaged in "The War on Everyone Who Doesn't Embrace Our Beliefs", an American Taliban, if you will.

One of the most telling quotes from the conference came from Bill Fancher, an American Family Radio journalist(?), "The media doesn't understand [conservative Christians'] inability to compromise on principles," he said, adding: "I don't apologize for being narrow-minded." and that seems to sum up what this conference was all about.

There is no "War on Christianity" - Tom Delay is being prosecuted for breaking the law, not persecuted for his religious beliefs.

There Is no "War on Christianity" - There is disagreement among Chistians. As one of the 15% of non-Christian Americans, I say work it out amongst yourselves, it's not my problem.

There is no "War on Christianity" - Only a cynical exploitation of sincere people of faith by those in power and who wish to remain in and expand that power with the ultimate goal of establihing a Fundementalist Christian Theocracy.

Some voices of sanity from the Christian community

"Certainly religious persecution existed in our history, but to claim that these
examples amount to religious persecution disrespects the experiences of people
who have been jailed and died because of their faith," said K. Hollyn Hollman,
general counsel of the Baptist Joint Committee for Religious Liberty.

"This is a skirmish over religious pluralism, and the inclination to see it as a war
against Christianity strikes me as a spoiled-brat response by Christians who
have always enjoyed the privileges of a majority position," said the Rev. Robert
M. Franklin, a minister in the Church of God in Christ and professor of social
ethics at Emory University.


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